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Home Theatre


Audio and Surround Sound

Installations and setup of surround sound, soundbars and mini theatre systems.

We can also supply and install weatherproof outdoor audio solutions.


TV and Screen Installations

Wallmount, Ceiling Mount and custom built wall unit installations for TV's and Flatscreens


Projectors and Projector Screen Installations

We can supply a wide range of Projectors and projector screens. Pull down, motorized and remote controlled!


Media servers and Media devices, Netflix, Showmax and other streaming services solutions and setups


Media Streaming Devices

From Smart TV's to Smart Media Boxes. We can help with customized streaming solutions. Store all your videos, music and photos and stream to multiple devices in your home.


Streaming Services

We can help you select the streaming service right for you. Whether it is Netflix, Showmax or DSTV streaming, Let us help you choose the right one!


Access Media Remotely

Cloudbased media storage. Custom media storage solutions. Access photos, music and movies from anywhere, anytime!


Whatever the IT... We've got IT!


Repairs and maintenance

We are fully equipped (unlike this pic) to service, repair, update, upgrade and change oil on all your machines!



From keyboards, mice, printers, monitors, notebooks, tablets, peripherals, parts, toner, cartridges to servers and cabling infrastructure. We sell IT!


Software Installations

We can assist in all home and office software installations and setup. Office, Windows, Client Software and many more!


Data Recovery, Backups and Drive Cloning

We supply, install and setup data backup solutions. We do data recovery on damaged drives and drive cloning. Don't lose your data!


Remote Support

Let's set you up on our remote support solution. Faster than jet support. One click and we are as good as right there with you!


Solution Development

Anybody can sell something... But only few can create something. We can provide you with a custom built solution for your specific need!


High End Gaming Rigs

The only thing here that can stop us, is budget... Really! A company that was built by gaming... Is a good place to start searching, when you need a gaming rig!


Antivirus and Endpoint Security

A very serious part of our business. Prevention is always better than the cure. From single devices to large networks. Antivirus!!!


Network Installation and Setups

All the way from planning, cabling to setup and commissioning. We can supply, install and maintain your entire network! 

We pride ourserlves on our installation quality and neatness.


Wireless Networks and Hotspots

Home, Guesthosue, Hotel, Coffee Shop, Public Area?? 

We supply, install and maintain high end wireless systems including remote management and maintenance.

We will plan, design and implement exactly what you need!


Domain Hosting

For your own domain giving you the edge in your business. We can register your own domain name i.e, and also manage your domain and email addresses.


Website Development

After you have a domain and your own email addresses, let us help you add a website. From basic to advanced website solutions, we can help you with everything!


APP Development

Need a custom app to further boost your business? 

We can assist you in creating your own custom app.


IP CCTV Systems

High quality, high end CCTV Surveillance systems with many smart functions and features. These systems come at higher cost, with high quality audio and video capabilities.


Turbo HD / Analog HD CCTV systems

At much lower cost, these systems still deliver high quality HD image and audio capability with less smart features and capabilities.


Remote Viewing From Anywhere!

Both IP and Analog CCTV systems can be setup for remote viewing from your mobile devices and notebooks.


Access Control

Whether you need access control on one door, or an entire building. We offer a wide range of access control systems and solutions.


Alarm Systems and Remote Control

Our alarm systems fully integrate onto an internet system giving your the ability to remotely arm and disarm your alarm from you r phone, receive notifications, and even have the ability of switching on lights, and opening gates remotely.


Intercom Systems

From basic analog to high end IP intercom systems, we can deliver from your home to a complex of flats.


Installations and integrations on Huawei 905, 910, 950 and 950B Routers on Metro Ethernet Backhaul and Client in large telecommunication networks.


Installations and Integrations on Nokia 7210 SAS-D, SAS-E, SR Series and ESS Series Routers and Access Switches on Metro Ethernet Backhaul and Clients in large telcommunications networks.


Resellers of VOIP accounts, Telephones, Cordless Phones and PABX systems for your home or business.


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